Travel Checklist for Pets Going to a Pet Sitter or Boarding Facility

When you’re preparing to go away at Christmas, time gets away and it’s easy to forget things. If you’re leaving your pet in the care of a pet sitter, a kennel or cattery, a checklist of things you need to do before you leave makes life easier. So we’ve done it for you.

Pet File

A place for all your pets necessary details such as health and the local vet are in the one place and easy to find. Here are some examples of important information:

ü  Local vet details and the after hours / emergency vet number

ü  Up-to-date vaccination certificate (most places won’t accept a booking without this)

ü  Microchip number

ü  Pet registration number

ü  Medications and dosages

ü  Clear, up-to-date photo of pet

ü  Safe dog walking areas and parks

ü  Pets fears or other behavioural traits (ie. Not good with other dogs)

ü  Food and supply details


Food and supplies

Make sure you have enough food for your pets, and some extra in case your return is delayed. Show your sitter where your pet supplies are kept, and give them any specific instructions they need on things such as:

ü  Food (meals, allergies, variations, treats)

ü  Fresh water locations (make sure there are enough in cool shaded areas and away from the midday sun)

ü  Toys, brushes, shampoos and spare towels

ü  Poo bags and leads, litter trays etc.

ü  Clean and fresh bedding


  • Don’t forget to leave an emergency contact, such as a neighbor, family or friend just in case your sitter is unable to get hold of you.


  • And one more thing…. Make sure you tell your local vet who will be looking after your pets while you’re away and whether or not you give them (in conjunction with your vet) the authority to make decisions in the event they are unable to contact you in an emergency.


We hope this helps.