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Meet Oscar, a lovable 5 year old British Bulldog with a large heart full of love and broken kidneys.

Oscar has been a client of Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic since a puppy. He came in regularly for itchy and scratchy ears, but in November 2017 his owners noticed that he had become slightly tired and lazy, and can you believe it…… NOT INTERESTED IN FOOD……

He had chewed some plastic and vomited…. the clinic was in suspense wondering if Oscar had a possible obstruction?


Bloods and urine tests were run and much to everyone’s shock Oscar was in severe renal failure.

A young 5 year old bulldog with renal failure who has no access to grapes or raisins, the other dog and cat at home were okay. So WHY WAS OSCAR SO SICK?


Oscar spent most of the week in hospital on IV fluids, gastric protectants, love and supportive care but much to everyone’s dismay Oscar DID NOT GET BETTER..
Oscar was then transferred up to our friends at Veterinary Specialist Services for further investigation and treatment.

News was in… Oscar was very ill…. Specialists confirmed that Oscar was in stage 4 chronic kidney disease and a NASTY kidney infection.
Treatment for Oscar commenced, focusing on reducing the effects of reduced kidney function and treating the infection. Oscar was put onto a specific kidney diet which gives GREAT results for prolonging survival and quality of life. These diets are restricted in protein and phosphorus and are supplemented with additional antioxidants and potassium. He was also placed on very strong antibiotics to get the infection under control and some strong anti nausea medication.

Oscars results had all of us feeling very sad and broken hearted that our special patient may not be with us for very long.



look who has defied ALL OF THE ODDS!!!
Oscar has gained weight and is strong and full of life!!!!

He is eating his renal diet and enjoying life playing with his doggy friend Ruby.

And best of all giving us all large amounts of love every clinic visit!!!


We all love Oscar