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Queensland Local Council law requires microchipping of dogs and cats.  This is set out in Sections 13 and 14 of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs)

Act 2008 which requires microchipping of cats and dogs prior to sale/transfer and prior to reaching 12 weeks of age.

Under State Government laws for pet owners, microchipping is compulsory when acquiring a cat or a dog in Queensland.

Microchipping is a permanent means of identification which helps the City of Gold Coast fast track the safe return of many lost cats and dogs across the city every year.  Inserting the small microchip is a very quick and relatively painless process for your precious pooch or favourite feline and is available at Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic seven days a week.

DID YOU KNOW?  Under the new Council laws you will be subject to a fine if your pet is impounded and cannot be identified. It is also compulsory for all dogs to be registered with your local Council.  Tallebudgera veterinarians can microchip your puppy or kitten when giving the second or third puppy vaccination.

Adult dogs and cats can also be microchipped during a visit to the vet for a consultation.

A microchip is a little bigger than a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin on the back between the shoulder blades.  It is injected with a microchipping device, which looks like a large syringe needle.  Each microchip has a unique number to be registered with your pet’s details. This allows identification if a pet is lost or stolen and reuniting the pet with their owners.

Contact our Team for more information on microchipping or to book your furry friend in for an appointment.  For peace of mind and to ensure your pet returns home to you safely if lost or stolen, get your pet microchipped today!