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Our Clinic During COVID-19

Our Clinic During COVID-19

We are all going through some really trying and anxious times with the Coronavirus, and in light of this we wanted to assure you that we will remain open to provide veterinary care for your pets. We will keep you  updated daily via Facebook and on our website for any changes.

In order to minimise the risk to both yourselves and our staff, we hope you will be reassured and patient with the protocols we have put in place. We are asking for cooperation with the following:

Before You Arrive at the Clinic:

If you are unwell, have traveled overseas in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, you must call ahead to make arrangements with us.

Upon Arriving at the Clinic:

We have a sanitizing station situated directly outside the clinic’s front doors. We ask that you use the hand santizer pump to fully sterilize your hands, and the sanitizer wipes in the white bucket to wipe down your dog’s lead or cat carrier.

We have hand sanitiser on our counter top and request that you use this upon departure. If you have a mask available could you kindly bring it with you to wear inside the clinic.

Please pay attention to the markings on the floor of reception and in the consult rooms. These adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule and we request you stay behind these lines to protect both yourselves and our staff.

We will also be requesting that we have no more than three people in our waiting room at any one time. We will be restricting this to two seated clients and one standing client at the reception desk. Please comply with our staff’s requests to leave the waiting room if required to adhere to this requirement. Our staff will indicate to you when it is safe to enter the waiting room.

Curb-side consults:

Should you be experiencing anxiety about any contact at all, we can accommodate you by doing a curb-side consult. In this case a nurse will collect your pet from your car and a vet will have a phone consultation with you whilst examining your pet.


We ask that only one person at a time comes into the clinic with their pet for appointments. This way we can have fewer people in our waiting room and in the consult room with our veterinarians. If this is difficult for you please call ahead and let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs. Additionally, we will only allow a maximum of ONE person in a consulting room at any one time with the vet. 

Phone Consultations:

We can also arrange phone consultations for anyone who is in quarantine or self-isolating but, understandably, there are limitations as to what we can do without seeing your pet.

Food, Tick & Flea and Medication Products:

We request that you call ahead to order any foods, tick and flea products and medications that you may need for your pet. This way we can take payment over the phone then you can call when you are in the car park and we will bring your goods out to your car. Alternatively call us from the car park and we can process the transaction and bring the goods out to you. We can also deliver goods or medications to you if you can’t get here. Just try to give us notice for this.

Puppy Preschool:

Unfortunately due to government regulations for everyone’s safety during this time, Puppy Preschool classes have been cancelled until further notice. Where possible, arrange time for your new pup to play with other vaccinated dogs to help develop their much needed socialization skills.

Our Staff:

The Tallevet team have all completed their online Infection Control Training for COVID-19 via the Australian Government Department of Health. In addition to our normal high standard of hygiene procedures, we are taking extra care to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. Our staff will be wearing masks, gloves and gowns where necessary and are following a stringent disinfection protocol with virus eliminating products.

Any questions or concerns?

Wishing you all the very best during this difficult period. Stay safe, listen to the expert advice given to us by health professionals and don’t hesitate to call us on 55224566 to speak with our friendly staff.



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