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Nutrition and Special Diets

Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic believes that feeding your pet a premier nutritionally balanced food holds a number of benefits for your pet’s health and can prolong their life.  A recent study conducted in Australia by leading pet nutrition companies found that a number of supermarket brands did not contain the nutrition they were claiming in their marketing.

Our clinic only stocks what is best for your beloved pet.   Feeding high quality pet foods has a number of tangible benefits, such as:   lower sodium which protects the kidneys, the correct balance of protein and fibre resulting in smaller, less smelly, less frequent faeces, better dental health, healthier skin and coat and a controlled weight.  All our foods sold at Tallebudgera have measuring cups to ensure you are feeding the correct quantity of food to your pet.

Our Clinic Supplies

Our range focuses on special needs, such as:

Paediatric                                                            Neutered

Junior                                                                    Adult

Seniors                                                                 Obesity

Gastro – Intestinal                                               Hypo allergies

Skin                                                                      Dental

Mobility                                                                 Urinary

Slim Fit Weight Loss Program

Our friendly staff can assist your pet with our Slim Fit weight loss program.  An initial consultation with the vet will establish whether or not your pet is overweight and, depending on his findings, may recommend Royal Canin Obesity Cat or Dog food.   Our reception staff can then enter your pet’s details into our Slim Fit program and calculate how much food your pet should be given daily.  This is carefully calculated to facilitate gradual weight loss, with a target weight goal.  You are then encouraged to bring your pet in for a weight check on our scales every two weeks, so we can plot a graph on computer and keep a history of their weight loss progress. For free weight loss discussion please speak with our friendly receptionists to get your pet on its way to a fitter life!!!