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Puppy Preschool Requirements

To enrol it is essential that first vaccination be given prior to attendance

All Breeds: 6-8 Weeks of Age

Cost: $90 (4 x 1 hr Lessons)

 FOR 2019

Sunday 3rd March 2019 10am-11am

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Did you know that puppies can start developing habits from as young as two weeks old, some of which may not be exactly to your liking!  

Our qualified veterinary nurse, Jodi has been running puppy preschool classes for over 10 years.

Jodi uses fun, reward based techniques to develop a healthy, obedient and friendly puppy that will enjoy coming to the vet clinic, can socialise with other dogs and assists with toilet training techniques.

Without Puppy Preschool your best friend could become:

  • Anti-social and aggressive
  • Shy, fearful or neurotic
  • Dominant, hyperactive and destructive

Our gentle and skilled Nurse Jodi won’t let this happen!

The Puppy Preschool course runs for 4 weeks on a Sunday from 10:00am-11:00am and Jodi uses modern methods and techniques to:

  • Socialise your puppy (social skills)
  • Introduce obedience- sit, stay, come, drop, roll over, commando crawl, shake
  • Condition your puppy to associate fun and pleasure with the vet clinic
  • Encourage desirable behaviour

During these sessions Jodi will also provide information on:

  • Pet care, including good nutrition
  • General health care and information on vaccinations and parasites
  • Emergency awareness
  • Toilet training
  • Boredom busters
  • How to give your puppy tablets
  • How to clip nails


Puppy School Housekeeping

Before starting puppy school your puppies must have:


  • A complementary health check by one of the Tallebudgera veterinary clinic Vets