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Veterinary Services

After hours consultations

Tallebudgera Vet is proud to offer late night consultations until 8pm during the working week to ensure that any urgent issues are looked at as soon as possible. We’re also open 8am – 4pm every Saturday for clients that are unable to attend during the week.

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Our Veterinary Services

Our veterinary consultations are available for pet owners to have specific issues examined by a professional or to determine whether their animal is in full health – similar to a check-up at the GP for humans.

Our pets aren’t able to tell us when something is hurting them so it’s important to seek regular consultations with your vet in order to pick up any potential health problems.

In most cases, our standard consultations last between 15-30 minutes, however the examination may be longer if there are multiple issues being looked at.

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It can be stressful and even a little scary for pet owners when your loved one requires a surgical procedure.

Rest assured, your pet is in safe hands with us. Our veterinary surgeons are not only extensively experienced and proficient in animal procedures, but they’re also brilliant at what they do because they genuinely care for your pets.

We understand the anxiety you might be feeling about your pet’s operation and will do everything possible to explain the process to put your mind at ease. We always strive to make your pet’s experience as comfortable and stress free as possible.

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Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery is a specialised area within veterinary science involving the bones and joints. Fortunately for our pet community, Tallebudgera Vet are lucky enough to have veterinary surgeons who are proficient in completing a variety of Orthopaedic surgeries.

Dr Ross Evans has a Membership in Small Animal Surgery and has over 40 years’ experience.  He continually attends courses to keep up to date with any new techniques. We call in an Orthopaedic Specialist to perform any highly complex procedures.

Some of the orthopaedic procedures available:

  • Cruciate Ligament
  • Luxating Patella
  • Fractures
  • Surgery for Hip Dysplasia

Pets undergoing an orthopaedic surgery need additional pain management. We use a pain-relief patch which provides analgesia for up to 5 days post-surgery. Your pet would go home with additional pain medication and very clear aftercare instructions.

Medical Imaging

Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped to take radiographs (X-rays) and an ultrasound of your pet.  Our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s case and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine whether your pet requires radiographs and/or ultrasound. This can be paramount in helping us diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving the chest, abdomen or skeletal structure.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for radiographs and or ultrasound?

Our patients may be admitted into hospital for the day unless it is an emergency and we’ll take them in immediately. We ask that you fast your pet overnight before the morning of admission, as they will most likely be sedated or anaesthetised to allow us to take the best quality images possible.

Once the images have been taken and the vet has analysed them, we will give you a call or book an appointment with our veterinarians to show you the results and to discuss the diagnosis and a treatment plan for your pet.

Why does my pet need to be sedated or anaesthetised to have images taken and why is my pet kept at the clinic for most of the day?

When we have radiographs taken, the radiographer asks us to keep perfectly still, often in unnatural positions, to get the correct image. Most pets would never lie still long enough, in the correct position, for us to take good quality radiographs required to diagnose their condition.

Sedation and anaesthesia allows us to take radiographs in the correct position without causing the animal unnecessary distress. An ultrasound may take up to an hour and a half to perform. During this time, we need your pet to be very quiet and still. Sedation and or anaesthesia is normally necessary.

Before sedating any animal, our veterinary team will conduct a thorough examination of the animal. In older dogs, it always advisable to do a blood test to determine if the animal can handle the sedation or anaesthetic and recover properly afterwards.

Due to the sedation and/or anaesthetic taking a few hours to wear off, we keep your pets here and monitor their recovery until they are awake and able to fully ambulate before going home.

We like your pet to have a stress-free experience when they are with us. For this reason, we believe it’s necessary to take this precautionary measure with most of our patients.

In-house Blood Tests

Blood testing is a very important part of our veterinary services for gaining a deeper understanding of the health of your pet. Owing to our in-house blood testing facility and laboratory, our team are able to diagnose, screen and monitor a range of problems and diseases. We’re also able to track how your pet is reacting to prescribed medications and conduct pre-surgical checks to ensure anaesthesia is still recommended.

Some of the common things we test for include:

  • Fitness for undergoing general anaesthetic
  • Overall wellness of geriatric patients
  • Renal failure
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism (Cats)
  • Hypothyroidism (Dogs)
  • Pancreatitis
  • Monitoring therapy in epileptic patients

Blood Test Results

As we have our own in-house laboratory, test results for your pet’s blood test are generally available within 10-15 minutes. For more specialised blood test requirements, we have a partnership with an external laboratory to ensure your test results are returned as quickly as possible.

To book your pet in for their next blood test, get in touch with us below.


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