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Did you know that we have a VIP cat area?

Did you know that we have a VIP cat area?

Look, we know that cats believe they are VIP’s… but at the Tallebudgera Vet, we treat them like VIPs.

We want your cat to have the most stress free visit to our clinic possible. A stress free visit has many benefits, including ensuring your cat can be examined thoroughly which will result in a healthier cat!  To help facilitate this, we have a VIP cat area where your cat can stay happily away from most of the noise and commotion of the reception area.

When you walk in to our clinic, we like the cats to turn right and have their carriers placed up on the bench seat next to their slaves… I mean humans. Having our very own kitty corner ensures minimal dog traffic passes them,  because even if your cat has a dog of their very own, they may not enjoy the company of all dogs.

We like to keep cat carriers up off of the ground because cats like to be high enough to survey their kingdoms. Once you’ve settled in with your feline friend, one of our wonderful reception staff will come and cover your cat carrier with a blanket sprayed with Feliway. Feliway is a synthetic version of a pheromone that cats give off when they are relaxed and happy. By exposing your cat to the synthetic version, we can help encourage them to feel relaxed, calm  and happy.



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