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Dental Care

Why is dental health so important? Approximately 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three suffer from dental disease which becomes more severe over time.

A close up photo of a dog looking upwards.

Dental disease starts with the formation of plaque – a build-up of food particles, saliva and bacteria – on the tooth surface which calcifies into tartar. This leads to the inflammation of the gums and tooth decay which is painful and distressing for your pet. Dental disease can also lead to more serious illnesses related to the heart, liver and kidneys.

Some breeds can develop dental disease at a very early age. If left untreated, it can become a major issue for pets and owners. Checking your pet’s teeth is an important part of their annual health check.

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Is your pet showing any of the signs of dental disease?

  • Decrease in appetite, weight loss

  • Avoiding hard foods, reluctance to chew

  • Vocalisation when eating (predominantly in cats)

  • Bad breath

  • Discolouration of teeth

  • Signs of bleeding from mouth

  • Red and inflamed gums

  • Pawing at mouth

  • Increase in drinking

  • Constantly licking lips

  • Salivating

  • Gum recession

  • Facial swelling

  • Change in behaviour

View the different levels of dental disease as graded by our veterinarians and the step by step process of ‘having a dental’ by clicking on the link below.

Prevention is better than cure

A close up photo of a dog's teeth.

At Talle Vet, we believe in lifetime dental care. That is why we set you and your pet up with an easy dental programme that involves 6 monthly complimentary dental checks from birth.  Your vet will discuss with you various preventative methods to suit you and your pet.

For any other questions you may have regarding dental, get in touch with our experienced veterinarians today.


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