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Did you know that we happily see frogs?

Did you know that we happily see frogs?

It is not all about cats and dogs at the Tallebudgera Vet, we will happily see your birds, snakes, lizards and frogs!


In general, tree frogs are easy animal companions to keep. However, for them to live their best life, they require a well maintained, carefully curated green tree frog habitat within your home and, you will need the correct license.

Tree frogs are primarily nocturnal, this  means most of their meals and adventures happen during the night. Their diet consists of insects, spiders, cockroaches, other frogs and small invertebrates (ie: worms).

If you already have a green tree frog or are thinking of adding one to your family, it is important to understand just how important their habitat and diet is in maintaining their happiness and wellbeing in captivity.

Frogs LOVE to climb! The bigger their tank, the better. Their habitat should include live plants, branches, places to  hide, ample space for them to jump and climb both horizontally and vertically and a way to control temperature, humidity and light.

The ideal temperature for these frogs is 24-28°C with a humidity level of 70-80%.

Your frog will be happiest in an environment that most closely resembles their natural habitat.

UVB lighting plays an important role in the health of frogs. This type of lighting is essential not just for simulating their natural environment, but also for facilitating essential physiological processes, including the synthesis of vitamin D3, which is crucial for calcium metabolism for your frog. Ensuring the lighting is correct will help ensure your green tree frog has the best possible environment.

It is imperative to give your frog regular health checks. You must be on the look out for signs of illness, changes in their skin colour or texture, changes in appetite, mobility and how active they are.

Prevention is always better than cure, so please ensure your frog is checked on regularly by one of our wonderful vets.

If you are considering a frog as a pet for a child, please consider that frogs can tolerate a minimal amount of handling, however are not going to enjoy frequent or rough (even accidentally) handling by small children.




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